23 August 2010

White Weddings, Birthdays and New Hair Beginnings

The iPad is functional at weddings, barmitzvahs and
other religious ceremonies.
It figures that the weekend before my wife and I move into our first house that we'd have one of the busiest Saturday and Sunday combos in quite awhile.

Ask anyone in their mid-twenties to early thirties and they'll discuss at length their Summer of a Million Weddings: a period of time when it feels like a wedding happens every other weekend - all that changes is the level of involvement. My wife and I have been having this summer for the past three years. Between serving as a groomsmen, a bridesmaid, a best man, a maid of honor, or just attending as a guest, weddings have factored into our plans for the past few years now. There's only one more on the horizon that I can think of off the top of my head, and we're only expected to attend as guests. After that, I can't think of too many single friends that I have...period, which is odd now that I come to think of it.

Saturday was the most unique among these different wedding soirees as I put my Internet ordination to good use and actually officiated over the ceremony. It was short and sweet with the only hiccup coming by way of the bride getting confused about the hand on which the ring went. And, really, can that be considered a hiccup? My left, your left, her left? Who wouldn't get confused? The ceremony came by way of my iPad and the whole experience was both rewarding and incredibly fun.

The next day didn't really give us the chance to rest, as it was Angela's birthday. Since I am old and she wanted something small, we celebrated with friends and family at The Old Spaghetti Factory. She and I took some visiting friends over to see the soon-to-be-ours house, and that's where I made up my mind. See, moving is not fun, and I've done it so often over the past decade that I know the pitfalls inside and out. One thing that's completely necessary when switching domiciles is comfort. With that in mind, I made the decision that my long-ish hair needed to go, hence the newly shorn look I sported today. The regrets, I got none. It's hair, and male-pattern baldness was not nearly has harsh as I imagined it to be. Whenever I get the inclination again, I'll grow it out and be annoyed during the awkward stage. But right now I'm really enjoying the lack of pooled neck sweat. My only regret is that now the bobblehead made in my image is outdated.

Both Friday and Monday were days that saw us go over Jane Schaffer essay terms together. Be prepared for the test next Wednesday (9/1).

Friday, you provided a writing sample based off the Subject A writing entrance exam, the name of which I may have mangled in some fashion. Monday, we discussed the Senior Reading & Analytical Research Project, also known as the lit project. Make sure that you ask any questions you have about possible book choices sooner rather than later in order to allow you to start reading right away. There will be a book check on Tuesday, 9/7.

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