11 August 2010

This is School

Day two ended with me collapsing onto my couch with my dog for a nap. This going back to work thing is not easy.

Students received the I Am poem assignment and worked on the Brigance assessment after I locked everyone into their seats. My goal is to know everyone's name by the end of next week, but please remember that I'm human and will make mistakes. If I happen to get a name wrong, feel free to flog me only in relation to the severity of the mistake.

Objective: Having completed the Brigance assessment, A S W write a first draft of the I Am poem.

David Foster Wallace is one of my favorite authors. This was such a great way to start the year and I really hope it sets the tone for how we view everything we study. There really is a common through line between "This is Water" and how we can read the rest of the core literature. Additionally, there are many books in the lit project that also tie into some of the major themes of the speech. It's a tremendous piece of writing and I'm really looking forward to finishing it and hearing your thoughts tomorrow.

Objective: Having read "This is Water" by David Foster Wallace, A S W discuss its meaning and impact with the rest of the class.

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