17 August 2010

High School and Philosophy

Bonus time for both classes in yesterday's entry is still in effect until tomorrow at 11:59 PM. GET TO STEPPING!

Also, club rush began today, so join a club. Like-minded people in large groups can do some great (and sometimes scary) things.

After finishing up our discussion about the expectations and policies in the class, student listed 14 negative life events and either 11 or 15 positive life events. The arbitrary numbering is intended to get people interested because neither is a usual listing-type number. The idea is for students to rank the events on 1 to 5 scale, positively so for the positive events and negatively so for the negative events. Each event should be written in a list in chronological order by tomorrow.

Objective: Having named various positive and negative life events, A S W rank the events in comparison to one another.

We began by having each student write their own definition of philosophy, morality and ethics. After coming to a consensus with my input from the handout, we discussed ethical relativism and ethical essentialism. This is a dicey subject that's difficult to fully grasp. I enjoy these discussions, though, because the questions students have in trying to understand the distinction between the two concepts always helps to better my own understanding.

Objective: Having discussed ethics, morals, and philosophy, A S W be able to distinguish ethical essentialism from ethical relativism.


  1. Caitlin Fremming 6th per.8:47 PM

    Very awesome on all the blogs very good way to keep in touch with students in case anyone needs help. [=

  2. Nataly Martinez from 6th Period10:19 PM

    I also agree with Caitlin ^_^ its great to get in connect with your students for help and advice on homework. Plus, we can also express our own opinions on your blogs.

  3. I'm glad you guys think so. I hope you get as much out of it as I do. And you still have another hour and a half to get the bonus points in the "School Pride" entry. The guidelines for it are listed there.