16 August 2010

School Pride

Our school starts an hour late on Fridays so that teachers can meet up, usually in departments sometimes as a whole, and discuss different matters that can eventually lead to improvement in the school. Often we will use this as time to collaborate with each other at the grade level or explore test results in order to reflect on why they may have gone up or down. Lately, the content of our meetings has been directed by administration to focus on the latest acronym that can help us get that job done.

The discussion this last Friday saw the conversation turn from test scores to school pride. Many teachers in our meeting see a correlation between the two. There are a lot of great things that people can and do say about Alta Loma. Our campus is a pretty accepting environment, we have teachers that genuinely care about students, and there are more good folks than bad people at the school. One thing that's not in abundance, though, is school pride. It's easier to be cynical and tear things down than to think something the school does is cool.

I'm not a saint in this regard. I eat lunch alone in my room and attend few school events. It's hard to even explain why except that, again, it's easier not to do so. The one event I did attend during the last school year was the dodgeball tournament where I served as referee. And you know what? That was so much fun. It was a great event and I had the opportunity to interact with students in a relaxed setting. I realize now that it'd be great to be involved like that more.

Bonus Time (10 points) - So I put the question to you, the reader, and more specifically, my students: what does school pride look like to you? How would you describe school pride? Where do you see school pride lacking? What do you think the school can do to encourage school pride and what can you personally do? In order to get full credit, answers need to be between eight to ten sentences. Both freshpeeps and seniors are eligible. Post responses as comments on this blog and make sure to leave your name and class period. Answers must be submitted by 11:59 PM on Wednesday, 8/18.

Friday, you received the opportunity to provide a sample of your writing. On Monday, we covered the department policies and practices as well as the class overview.

Friday, we discussed the quotes you found. For Monday, check out the frosh description because that pretty much covers what the seniors did as well.


  1. Anonymous3:24 PM

    School spirit currently looks like competition. School spirit is often seen as something someone participates in if they are active in competition with other schools. The idea of being better than other schools and being proud of that ‘fact’ has a negative connotation and sounds rather bloodthirsty which is something myself and many others don’t wish to be a part of. I propose school spirit becomes more general of an idea and have more of an accepting feel to it. You mentioned the good qualities of our school which included a tolerant environment and teachers who put more than they have to into their students. I think this should be celebrated and praised much more. Not only should the staff members be praised for their work but the student body as a whole for its role in maintaining peace on campus. Many students of Alta Loma High recognize how diverse our campus is and appreciate the staff members as well, but I feel expressing it often becomes quite the social controversy. This may already be an ‘angle’ of school spirit but I just haven’t heard much of it from my years on campus.

    Bridget Manjarrez period:6

  2. That's a terrific answer, Bridget. I agree that those aspects of the campus should be celebrated, and it's a shame that they aren't recognized more.

  3. Caitlin Fremmin Per. 68:52 PM

    Well my veiw on the school spirit is im not the very school spirit type.I just want to go to school do what I need to do and get good grades. That is just what my view on it.