30 August 2010

Dust. Wind. Dude.

My wife sure does like The Real Housewives of New Jersey and I don't begrudge her that at all since I set up our DVR for just about every Bravo show she wants (I draw the line at The Rachel Zoe Project, though), but the reunion episode airing tonight is incredibly uncomfortable to watch. I enjoy both versions of The Office (UK and US) and many other awkward, uncomfortable comedies. This weird, so-called reality show, though? Man, I don't even know what comes after awkward. Awkwadruple? Sure, why not?

The Brave Times staff had their first "late night" this afternoon. Obviously, "late night" is a bit of a misnomer. The staff stays for a few hours after school, but, instead of staying past 8pm as has happened in the past, everyone is out by 4:30pm.  The first issue is looking great, and the staff should meet the deadline.  I can't wait for the school to see the issue and some of the other great things the newspaper has in store this year.

You attended Mrs. Irwin's library orientation. Tomorrow's verse will be the same as the first. Just remember to be prepared for the essay terms test on Wednesday.

We finished the lit terms. Here's a reminder list for the test on Friday. Keep these terms at the forefront of your mind while reading your lit project books because knowing how to find and identify them will be the key to doing well on the annotation.
  1. analogy
  2. theme
  3. hyperbole
  4. syntax
  5. foil
  6. alliteration
  7. oxymoron
  8. stereotype
  9. pun
  10. sarcasm
  11. satire
  12. imagery
  13. diction
  14. allusion
  15. style
  16. tragedy
  17. motif
  18. personification
  19. metaphor
  20. paradox
After that we began discussing the history of Socrates but didn't get too far. Prepare for some more big ideas, especially once we get into the Allegory of the Cave. Meanwhile, here's a bit of Socrates' wisdom in 1980's teen time-traveling comedy form.

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