19 August 2010


I get to do this guy's job
on Saturday.
Happy birthday, Finbar.

Today I get to act in the official capacity of officiant for the first time at a friend's wedding rehearsal. The wedding itself is on Saturday, but today we're doing a run-through to make sure everyone knows where to stand. I've never performed a marriage ceremony before. In fact, I only used to joke about being ordained through an Internet church because I could talk a big game without ever needing to follow through on actually doing the deed. Then this couple called me out on it by asking me to be the man at their wedding. I'm a little nervous but mostly excited. Never before in my life have I looked at more wedding-related websites than I have in the preparation and build-up to this weekend...not even for my own. The ceremony is all written out and it's bride-approved. As long as I don't start a dry-heaving panic attack or faint due to the combination of heat and a black button-up shirt, everything should be coming up Milhouse. I imagine that I can't mess it up too bad, though, because they'll still be married at the end of the day.

You worked to complete your life graphs and the accompanying sentences, which you then turned in at the end of the period. Good times, but work on the noise level next time, period four. Tomorrow we get to begin studying our essay writing terms.

We had quite the lively discussion about the dilemma questions, some of which I would like to tweak next year just to make them more difficult. There's no wrong answers and yelling is always a plus during this particular discussion.

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