18 August 2010

Tomorrow. Finbar. Seven.

McBride's kids rank among my favorites in the world, behind only my own niece and nephew. A buddy of mine had twins back in January, and it's still a little early to tell where they rank what with the two of them only being 7 months old and all.

We went over a few of my personal positive and negative life events as a way to demonstrate how to use those events to create a graph. Remember to take the lists made yesterday and to pick 10 of those events to graph. You'll choose 5 of those events to represent visually, whether that means drawing a picture or finding one. You will also write 2-3 sentences explaining why you chose and ranked each of those 5 visually represented events. The idea is to aid in determining which events are more important in a text.

You got time to work on the essentialism and relativism ethical dilemma questions. Take a side! And don't forget to explain why! We'll discuss your answers tomorrow. That's always a fun class period.

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