04 August 2010

Welcome back to the world of tomorrow!

As readers (HAH! I assume people read this...) may or may not know, I also serve as the adviser to ALHS' newspaper, the Brave Times, which also includes teaching the journalism class. This semester will start my sixth year in the position. Most of the teaching of that course occurs as the students actively create the latest issue of the newspaper. It is easily my favorite class to teach because it has such a different vibe than my other classes. The atmosphere is a little looser, and I get to know the students better in that class because they often stick around for a second or third year if I'm lucky.

This year looks to be pretty monumental because the staff plans to implement a Brave Times website. Yes, the newspaper is finally entering the 21st century a mere decade after the fact. I'm investigating a few different sources in order to get this venture off the ground, and many of them are promising. It's a pretty exciting time, both for myself as an adviser and for the students who will be doing something new and lasting for the school.

There isn't a better newspaper in our district, and pretty soon we'll have the best newspaper site in the district, too.

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