04 January 2010

It's Twenty Ten, not Two Thousand and Ten.

Seriously, do you want to spend the next 90 years saying "Two Thousand and..." every single time? By saying it the correct way, you look out for yourself and your progeny. It's not like anyone ever said One Thousand Ninety Nine or One Thousand Eight Hundred Sixty Four. Do yourself a favor and correct everyone who says it wrong because your children and your children's children will thank you.

In all seriousness, I know some of you are going through rough times due to the circumstances surrounding your return from break. Just know that it's important to talk it out; it doesn't have to be with me even though I'll gladly make myself available. Talking helps, and I'm sorry those of you affected have to go through this.

We went over the past semester's grades. You retrieved your work from the past semester. Everyone discussed what comes to mind whenever William Shakespeare's name is mentioned. After tomorrow, you'll hopefully have more to say than "your 8th grade teacher" and "old."

You took a look at the final grades, and we discussed the second semester syllabus. The contract for the second semester is due on Friday and make sure to name two things expected of you phrased in the form of goals based off what you read in the second semester overview. Finally, if you wish to attempt the first bonus point assignment, make sure you have a copy of Macbeth or a receipt for it in hand by next Monday.

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