10 January 2010


It seems like all working out is a practice in self-loathing. We do so in an effort to change what we don't like because the person we see isn't the person we wish to be. If we do like what we see, working out or getting fit or staying in shape is meant to ensure that we don't become the person we used to be or the person we imagine we are at our worst. I find it fascinating that going to the gym is based on bettering one's self but the job is never complete.

These are the things a guy thinks about after watching the Jersey Shore.

We went over the new-style outside reading update which will put a large focus on incorporating quotes. Master this skill and your future teachers will stand in awe at your level of awesomeness. After that you started to create flash cards of a list of important lit terms. We'll be working on that at length on Monday.

Everyone read and understood the expectations for outside reading. You need to show me your book choice by Thursday. You then received the opportunity to read through and work on the Shakespacket Essay. Not everyone seized the opportunity; I hope those folks find the time to go over the information and write a cohesive essay because it's due on Friday.

Edited for a cheap joke.

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