17 January 2010

Book 2 of 2010

This was completed on January 12 while driving to the gym.

I Drink for a Reason

2) I Drink for a Reason by David Cross
In an attempt to get through a few more books this year, I subscribed to Audible.com. The first book I ordered was Under the Dome by Stephen King, but that thing is a ridiculous 54 hours and I've only listened through the first file that's eight hours long by itself. That particular audiobook is daunting is what I'm saying.
But David Cross' I Drink for a Reason is not at all an intimidating read/listen. The book isn't a memoir by design, but more of a sampling of the dude's comedic style. Some of it is culled from his notable writing that's appeared elsewhere like his rant about known hack, Larry the Cable Guy. However, because he's known as a stand-up comic, the audiobook format really works well in its favor. He constantly berates the listener for being too lazy to read, at one point noting the page number he's on and how most people would have been done with the book by that point. Those Easter eggs are an incentive to me, though, so I am willing to take the abuse.

The two best and most notable parts of the experience are Cross' tale of the scrapbooking convention he attends while staying in the same hotel and his utter hatred of Jim Belushi for reasons that appear justified in every way. Besides, it's easy to hate Jim Belushi.

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