18 January 2010

On Shakespeare and Assignments

So we are a bit behind in our blog posting. Of course, this is the royal 'we,' which is really a grand effort to avoid taking responsibility in saying I and shifting the blame to a collective. But onward! There are tests on terms this Tuesday! Fascinating!

By the way, the Folger Shakespeare Library is a blog for both teachers and students about the Bard and provides some great resources. Check it out when you get the chance.

Poetry has always been a weak spot for me, but sonnets are interesting in that they go against what I imagine is the natural convention of poetry, a form that's supposed to be free and spirited and all sorts of other hippie type words, by having so many rules and strict standards. Specifically over the last week, we covered Sonnet 73, which is a great poem to look at for its metaphorical content, as well as the prologue of Romeo & Juliet. Be prepared to really dive into metaphors and symbolism with Shakespeare because the dude loves it.

You will have a copy of the play on Monday, either one you pick up from the library or a bonus point copy you purchase for yourself.

We finished Act I of Macbeth and I'd like to think everyone is starting to see Shakespeare in a different light. I genuinely get excited about this time of year because I like talking and I like Shakespeare and those are two great tastes that taste great together like peanut butter and chocolate. The big thematic dichotomy present, especially in the first half, is 'good vs. evil,' what with the witches and Macbeth's horrid thoughts of regicide. The latter part of the act, with the introduction of Lady Macbeth, develops the dichotomy of 'masculinity vs. femininity.'

You also received the Act Paragraphs assignment, the first of which will be due Monday, January 25 and is worth 50 points. Expect to have those due roughly three days after we finish each act. It's never clear how long an act will take to read together, which is why I can't give you hard and fast due dates for those paragraphs.

Everyone (hopefully) turned in their Aside Questions and the Shakespacket Essay. That's 85 points which I hope to have graded very soon.

I hope everyone is keeping up with the outside reading requirements. The first outside reading update is due on Thursday for both the freshpeople and the seniors.

Finally, here's the only entertaining thing that will probably happen on American Idol this year. Enjoy.

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