05 January 2010

My Bucket List

You read through a chapter of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Shakespeare and began your outline of ol' Willie's early life. Tomorrow will see you get a second day to work on completing your outline.

Bucket lists are fun! Pay close attention to what we did today because it'll pay off later once we get into some of the larger ideas from our study of Shakespeare. As for my four things, they are as follows in no particular order:
  • Write a novel
  • Perform a backflip
  • Get into a fight with a Canadian in Spain
  • Make you guys learn something
It's an ambitious list to be sure, but I think it's relatively realistic and original, important traits for items on any to-do list.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous6:43 PM

    I like the backflip one. I'd like to do that also. haha