07 January 2010

Macbeth like Big Mac, not McBeth like McDonalds

Yesterday, both classes did a great job working on the Idiot's Guide Outline assignment. Today, we discussed some of the sentences you wrote for said outline. The information students choose to include is always interesting. Not everyone managed to do distill the information in one sentence. Maybe that's something I should look at in the future. Creating complex, coherent sentences is a valuable skill to have, though, which is why I set up the assignment in that way. After going over the different sentences, we discussed Ptolemy and his view of the universe. Your assignment is to pick three questions to answer in 3 to 5 sentences for each question. That'll be due tomorrow, so make the answers as thoughtful as you can.

Ah, terms. Sometimes they're boring, sometimes they're fun, but they always feel necessary one way or another. The terms were split over two days. Yesterday, the terms followed a discussion of where the line exists in order to accomplish your bucket list items and the items of those important to us. It's a big goal of mine for our class discussions to become more inclusive this semester because there are going to be way more of them than there were first semester. I'd like to see more of you participate than the same four people in each class. While there are a few exceptions that occasionally make themselves heard, it always seems like we have the same people answering. I'd like to challenge those of you that sit back and listen to make a conscious effort to speak up more this semester. One of the coolest things for me to see as a teacher is a student I rarely hear speak up with an insightful comment in a class discussion. Let me know if there's anything I can do to facilitate this more for you, or just choose to do it sometime (sooner rather than later, hopefully) so you can see the look on my face as I get floored.

Don't forget to grab your student IDs or to have a copy of Macbeth by Monday. Monday is the cut-off date for you to be eligible for the 40 possible bonus points.

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