25 January 2010

Emo Equivocation

Emo is the word of the day because that's the best way to describe one of our titular characters. Look, Romeo is a bit of a putz, but he's also a teenager, and who among us wasn't a putz at some point? And who can say they won't be one in the future? I know there will be a point in the future where it happens again, too. A person is lucky if they go through a week with a putz-free moment viewed by the general public, let alone those smaller moments wherein he or she is secretly aware of the putziness involved even if others are not.

Equivocation is the word of the day. It's fun because Macbeth allows you to determine what the title character says is true or not or if the truth even exists. This is the ultimate English major treat because there's evidence that supports both sides, and, as long as you can support it well with evidence, you're not wrong. Everybody wins!

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