14 December 2009

"Nobody outcrazies Ophelia!"

We went over the final. People who weren't lame turned in their product, which you will present tomorrow. Also, you got a glimpse of satire and how allusions to classic literature are still present today. Always be on the look out for literary references in the places you might least expect.

You turned in the Pleasantville assignment. Then everyone who did one found out their grade on the culminating paper. I was mighty impressed with the quality this year as many of you really seemed to get how to look at what a text might be trying to say and were able to back that up with support. Not everyone totally demonstrated that understanding, but enough of you did compared to the students from last year that I would consider the project a success. I hope you feel the same way.

Everyone get a restful night's sleep (...he says as he types this entry at 11:30 PM...) and eat a healthy breakfast because finals begin tomorrow. Good luck!

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