06 December 2009

Hitting the Reset button

The Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles of today aren't lacking many things, but neither have a reset button, one the player pushes that does not turn off the game but merely restarts it. Of course, those consoles save one's progress and have high-falutin' graphics that look gorgeous on an HDTV compared to the 8, 16 and 64 bits of yesterday, so I'll gladly play them over my old NES, Sega Genesis or N64 any day.

My point in bringing that up is that I once used this blog in the way I am able to use Twitter now, rendering the blog redundant. Why post the daily agenda (and, coming soon for second semester, the class objective) in another online format when one already exists? So I decided to hit the reset button.

I like writing, I like the series of tubes known as the Internet, and I like interacting with people, despite my many protests to the contrary at times. My own personal writing (and reading) endeavors have plateaued of late, mostly due to the demands of school and work. Why not, then, include my school and work demands into my writing by utilizing the blog that had become so redundant? At the very least, it will make me feel accomplished, and experience and the University of La Verne have taught me that feeling accomplished is one of the biggest motivation tools students can have.

Personally, "feeling accomplished" is my second biggest motivator; "spite" is number one.

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