07 December 2009

The First Day of the Last Week Before Finals

You figured out how to create a hanging indentation in a Word document and will hopefully utilize that info. We then discussed the importance of actually reading the homework since I'll be collecting your notes for points. Not reading means not getting the credit. After that, we started going over Circe's warning for Odysseus. He's in for a rough trip.

You organized your portfolios in an attempt to get the full 80 points on the assignment, which is due tomorrow. Good luck and never look a free-to-use hole punch in the proverbial mouth. And sixth period was curious about the one-legged pro wrestler named Zach Gowen. When I get home, I'll search the YouTube for some videos. He rose to prominence in the WWE in 2002 and was unceremoniously fired after the novelty of a one-legged wrestler wore off and his limitations as a one-legged wrestler came to light. Oh, wrestling, you are crazy.

Edit: I found some gems that include current UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar throwing Gowen down a flight of stairs because he was an EVIL wrestler. You can view them under the cut...

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