01 February 2010

On Other Second Semesters

Currently, I'm sitting in my Educational Psychology class, which, besides my graduate seminar course where the goal is to write a very long paper, is my last actual class before earning my Master's Degree. Class has not actually begun yet as I type this up, so don't think I'm attempting to be a bad student or role model. Instead, I'm trying to catch up on some lost time in the blogging world.

From what I understand, pictures exist of my sumo hockey hijinks from the past weekend, so I'll make those available as soon as I can...if you care. Seriously, though, that was quite a good time.

After finally finishing that first scene, we are rolling along. Scenes ii, iii and iv are all short and sweet, each one introducing at least one important or noteworthy character. Paris arrives in scene ii, the nurse and Juliet show up in scene iii, and Mercutio makes his presence known in scene iv. Of those, Juliet is probably most important since her name is in the title, but I have a personal affinity for Mercutio. His motivations are fascinating and always open to multiple interpretations. Also, I hope you start to appreciate the advent of stage directions in future plays and scripts you read while realizing the pros and cons of the absence of them in Shakespeare's work. Understanding how and where characters address one another is tough to figure out at first, but it'll be helpful whenever you check out Shakespeare in the future.

Your ORU #2 is due on Thursday. The Act I Study Guide and Act I Review are both due on Friday. Remember that in order to get full credit, your answers need to be in complete sentences.

Macbeth is quite the jerk since becoming king, or maybe it's just his true nature becoming clear. Still, the jerk part is evident what with ordering the assassination of Banquo and all. His wife is even starting to think so.

You also took both the terms re-test and a quiz on Act II. The third paragraph will be due a week from Wednesday. Meanwhile, your second Outside Reading Update will be due Thursday.

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