07 February 2010

On Metaphors and Due Dates

The balcony scene provides plenty of opportunities to identify metaphors and other comparisons. It also sets the ground for the rest of the play, since Romeo proposes marriage. We also were introduced to the Friar, whose hasty decision to help the two young lovebirds ends poorly for everyone involved. If you're looking for someone to blame, he's the guy.

Now Macbeth is not only a jerk, but an insane jerk. This is what happens when a body doesn't sleep. Considering the new visions he has, Macbeth finds himself at a crossroads. Ask yourself if what the witches show Macbeth are actually visions. Do any of them actually portend future events? Depending on your answer, what does that tell us about the witches?

Keep in mind the following dates:
  • February 10 - Act III Paragraph due
  • February 11 - Polanski Film Permission Slips due
  • February 16 - Act IV Paragraph due
  • February 18 - Act V Paragraph due; OR Update 3 due
  • February 26 - Final Macbeth Paragraph due
All of these dates are currently reflected on the calendar on my class website. I know I haven't given you the assignment for the Final Macbeth Paragraph yet, but I will soon, so don't freak out. Also, please make sure you turn in those Polanski permission slips because you will have an alternate assignment in lieu of watching the very violent and kind of fun film. The director is a creepy rapist, but the movie works really well and has some very original interpretations.

Finally, if you plan to earn the bonus points associated with annotating your own copy of The Stranger, then you should make sure to have it in hand by March 1. This is a preliminary date, but more than likely, we'll be working with Albert Camus' novel by then.

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