23 February 2010

My dog passes wind while he sleeps.

Oftentimes, my dog will sleep on our couch. Sometimes he'll rest in the middle, but, especially if the wife is away at work or school, he'll sleep as far away as he possibly can from me while still also sharing the same sofa. Tonight is the exception. And I have to believe, because my dog is a jerk that is being raised (or owned or trained) by a jerk, he's doing it solely because he has gas and wants to guarantee I get a nice whiff. Thanks, Spider-Man.

Everyone picked a time period/setting for their scene. A few folks chose some very interesting ones, but nobody picked "caveman" which I've always wanted to see but never have in any of the years that I've done this project. Oh, well...maybe next year.

Bonus Time (10 points): If you were handling this project solo, what's the time period/era/setting that you would pick? Why make that choice? Explain yourself in a minimum of five sentences.

The existentialism unit always provides the best discussion of the entire year. It's always neck and neck with the philosophy unit, but one of the big differences is that the latter arrives so soon into the year that people aren't all that comfortable spouting off their opinions just yet. By the time we get to this point, people feel more comfortable and more willing to stand up for what they think. One of the bigger problems for me in having these discussions is that I want and need to hit very key points but each class can have a different way of getting around to these points. For instance, today I really, really enjoyed how fifth period organically made some connections during our discussion in comparing the pre-test to the experience of being in life. So many of the points were so great that I attempted to steer sixth period to some of those same ideas but it felt clunkier, like I was making the points more than the students. I hate when that happens.

Bonus Time (15 points total): Explain your personal definition of existentialism and try to provide your own metaphor as a way to represent it. (For instance, the metaphor I provided today was the pre-test.) Now come up with your own after your definition. Definitions should be three sentences (5 points). Metaphors will take however long you feel is necessary to get your point across (10 points).

All answers need to be in by the end of Wednesday.


  1. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Carmen Gomez

    I believe the definition of Existentialism is being in general. Its the real meaning of how you live life, Breathing, thinking, having your heart beating is what it is all about. Everyone in some was may think like what Existentialism is all about.people always have a thought that they need to do something in thier that matters. Sure Existentialism can aslso be said as life being pointless but once you look deeper you realize there is so much more. They say people have freewill, freewill its what everyone has been raised with in America. Sure thier is problems that come with that but choosing what its really about. To be able to have the final say in what you do in what you say, just to live is what Existentialism is all about. As a metaphor it can be really simple, your mother leaves you the house to yourself, she says nothing, no rules no boundries just leaves. you have the choice, the freewill to do what you want for you have nothing to go off of. Life is literally your oyster. What you chioce to do with it is Existentialism. You can choose to go wild or to be good and do what you know your mother really wants. Just like your test, we had prior knowledge of how you wanted things, you expect us to do our best even if you dont say it we know that. So with your mother its the same, you know from year of living with her that there is a way you should act. With all that aside you choose what you want and having that ability of living and having your say in your life is Existentialism.

    carmen Gomez p.5

  2. BurritoBryan8:27 PM

    The definition of Existentialism is physically being in a certain time and place to prove or satisfy your mind that your physically there. Another way to look at Existentialism in a related way is also being and living to also prove to yourself that there are in deed some absurd aspects in life. Those aspects in life are mind boggling and the brain or person may not quite interpret it right away or may never be able to decipher it, thus making absurd aspects. The metaphor I chose to describe existentialism is "When life gives you lemons you...", now I didn't finish the metaphor because just like in existentialism a person can go at it in a pessimistic P.O.V or an optimistic P.O.V. Because existentialism is also a form to say that "life is pretty much pointless why try?" BUT not everyone sees it that way. So going back to the metaphor, an optimistic person can choose to make a glass of lemonade with that lemon, but a pessimistic person can just watch that lemon rot away. And there you have it the ways of existentialism in the way of The Bryan.

    (Existentialism is difficult to understand but easy to see sometimes, and I think that you've done a good job explaining as to what it is Mr.T)

  3. Bobby Whetstone12:00 AM

    The definition of existentialism is a persons perspective on life and the positive or negative value placed on it. As a person, life can be viewed in a positive or negative aspect. It depends on the preference of the person, its amongst their freewill to decide. Life can be viewed somberly or with elation it is completely up to the human being. A pessimistic individual will look at it as if its almost gone and there is nothing to do with it. Instead of viewing it as if it was the most precious thing in the world to have a half glass of water.
    For example,the well known adage "the glass is half empty or half full." Someone that views the world in a positive aspect can look at the glass and believes it half full. That person views that glass as there is still something left. It is not completely gone. A