23 February 2010

And we're back!

Being sick is never any fun, and it's often more work to arrange for a day I'm not there than it is for me to actually be there doing the work. Unfortunately, for the second time this school year and the third time in a calendar year, my ear has betrayed me. Thankfully, I wasn't out for as long as last time, but the affliction is a bit worse than before. I appreciate your patience with me and my constant need for you to repeat yourself. I know I don't like to do that, and I really hate that I have been forced to ask you to do so. Hopefully, the lack of hearing on my right side will pass soon enough.

You were assigned the Act IV group project, where each group is responsible for producing, interpreting and presenting a scene from act IV to the class and individuals will create a product and a half-page paper based on their roles in the group. Everyone needs to act in the presented scene, save directors who will be responsible for the script with stage directions and a full-page paper that explains their choices. This is an exciting project that I always anticipate doing throughout the school year. I'm a big stickler for creativity, and anyone that takes a chance to do something spectacular is rewarded for the effort, even if that chance falls through to some degree. Each day this week, I'll be giving you a different objective to fulfill. Today, for instance, I encouraged everyone to finish reading through their respective scenes and choose a time period for the setting.

Monday saw everyone receive the final Macbeth paragraph assignment, and we discussed the different interpretations of the play, specifically those made by Roman Polanski in his film version. I'm looking to do one last Macbeth assignment, but I'm unsure of just what that will be yet or if it will even happen. Regardless, tomorrow we start off on existentialism, which means more talking about your own interpretation of the world and reality. This will be fun, and sometimes confusing.

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