02 February 2010

Look out for the soliloquy power up!

Dante's Inferno Studio Thrilled with EA's Marketing Support

Why am I linking to an article about the marketing of a video game? Besides the fact that Dante's Inferno is a classic piece of literature (admittedly, one that I haven't read) which was turned into a new video game (admittedly again, one that I haven't played), but the makers of the game have quite the idea for a new game.
IG: So is there anything else in your classical studies that you'd like to realize in game form?
JK: Macbeth the game is something I've been thinking about for years, but now, I think the emotional quality that games are achieving and the value level of the acting and the sound work makes it possible. The thing is, the unique quality of games is being interactive; it's about action and killing things and pursuing those mechanics is tricky when bringing in classic media; Dante's is more of a violent interpretation of the poem for example. Macbeth would be great, though; there are witches and a supernatural experience along with plenty of intrigue and murder.
That's certainly...interesting. Any actual game is several years away, but I think I'd be interested in playing it should it ever be developed. At the very least, I'd feel obligated to play it so as to clear up misconceptions folks might develop about the play.

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