10 January 2011

It's never nice to steal...

...but this compilation of people stealing hats from UFC fighters while they make their entrance is pretty hilarious. I'm thinking that I'd like to add "steal a hat from an entering UFC fighter" to my bucket list. It doesn't hurt that the song accompanying the video is awesome all on its own.

Everyone, I appreciate your continued patience as my room continues to be a sweltering mess. Please understand that I'm much more miserable in this particular situation because I'm in there all day. If I had any control over the AC and how busted it must be, it would already be fixed. My fingers are crossed that it will be fixed soon.

Beyond that, we have some mustarding to do. Wait, that's not right...

You turned in the Idiot's Guide Outline last Thursday. We then went over a brief overview of the world according to Ptolemy, emphasizing the idea that his view of the world was skewed and that the alignment of planets, moons and stars affected the behavior of what would otherwise be rational thinking individuals. You also received the new and improved outside reading update. We'll attempt one together prior to the first one's due date.

Friday, we moved forward

Today, we started looking at a few literary terms on which you will be quizzed come next Tuesday. You'll get some time to do some studying of said terms tomorrow; creating flash cards is not necessarily required but strongly encouraged.

On Thursday and Friday, you received the Shakespacket and had time to read and evaluate the information. I urge you not to take this lightly because, unlike first semester, I'm not padding the grade book with initial points. From the (lack of) class discussion today, I get the impression that too many people have forsaken the "reading" part of the Shakespacket essay assignment in favor of "not reading." This approach has bad idea written all over it. There will be many references to the information without my explanation during the course of our analysis of Macbeth. Please keep this in mind. You also received the requirements for the semester's outside reading.

Today, we picked up copies of Macbeth from the library and chose roles in anticipation of our reading the play. Everyone is locked into the roles for act I, and when act II rolls around, we'll switch it up. Additionally, we discussed the many different thematic dichotomies present in the play as well as the paragraphs you will have to complete for each act. Links to both of those sheets either are already available on the files section of the blog (in the case of the paragraph) or will be shortly (in the case of the dichotomy sheet).

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