08 December 2010

Backflip Success!

There's a view from another angle at the bottom of this entry.

And so it happened. The message from my wife after telling her about it was succinct: "Do not make promises like that again."

And I won't. Seriously, unless I start taking up parkour, which is a much younger and stupider man's hobby, this is my first, last and only backflip for any of my classes. Ever. I am not coordinated in the least to be undertaking these sorts of shenanigans. Besides, it took THREE PEOPLE to help me do two backflips and the second one can only be classified as a failure considering I kneed the poor girl in the head. Thankfully, she's an understanding trooper who spends time cheerleading, so she's used to getting nailed in the noggin.

We continued reading The Odyssey. You continued filling out the Plot Point notechart. It's worth 75 points and due Monday.

We switched our focus from Canterbury Tales to symbolism in film using Pleasantville for demonstration. There wasn't enough time to give anything but short shrift to the former, so we're turning our attention to the latter. 

Now back to the grading!


  1. Anonymous9:41 PM

    That's cheating.

  2. Ah, you see, but I don't care because I value my ability to walk and move my major and minor extremities.