29 September 2010

Reason 6: That Flipper show with Jessica Alba was no good.

The Oatmeal, while sometimes using not-appropriate-for-school language, provides a look at many of our literary terms in funny and useful ways. English topics he's tackled so far include irony, proper use of the word literally, i.e. and how to use it correctly, commonly misspelled words, and how to utilize an apostrophe. Again, I have to reiterate that the site also tackles some seriously taboo subjects (like dolphin punching but also other, more serious topics) and uses "foul" language, but it's all for the sake of getting a laugh. Check it out if everyone at home is cool with that sort of thing.

Today and Tuesday, we read Cask of Amontillado while focusing on characterizing Montresor. You're finding quotes dealing with the five categories (Appearance, What Fortunato says, What Montresor says, Montresor's actions, and Montresor's thoughts) and then adding your inferences about him. Basically, you're asking yourself "What does this quote say about Montresor as a character/person?" Finally, determine if the quote you used qualifies as direct or indirect characterization. This assignment will be due tomorrow, September 30.

Tuesday, you received the guidelines for your Persuasion Portfolio. Remember that assignments one, two and four are group assignments, meaning that the group only needs one copy of the work for the entire group. Meanwhile, assignment three is an individual one, so that means that each group member needs to have their own copy of it. The whole portfolio is due Tuesday, October 5. Hopefully, both classes will make better use of the work day they have tomorrow than they did today. 


  1. Anonymous12:50 AM

    Some groups worked. You should give some recognition to us!

  2. That is very true. I painted both classes with a wide brush without any regard to the individual groups who may have been working, and that's usually a bad way to operate. I'll amend my statement by saying that I hope more people utilize their time wisely on Thursday as opposed to talking about the class as a whole.