05 April 2010

Thesis Crunch Time

This here bloggy message thing (© Matt in period 5) has been neglected lately save for my updates about the books I'm reading, which in and of themselves have served to further distract me from the task at hand. That task is my thesis, which is due in t-minus four weeks. So while this blog is a valuable tool and one I intend to continue utilizing, my thesis, which is a big part of what will allow me to complete my Masters degree, will be my focus for the next few weeks. Also, the irony of the fact that I am putting my classroom blog on a temporary hiatus to focus on a thesis about teachers using things like blogs both effectively and professionally is not at all lost on me. The sooner I finish this project and the ULV semester, though, the sooner I can get one of those fancy new iPads. I will call it iPADD because that is a Star Trek reference. Nobody tell my wife, though, because I will never hear the end of it.

Meanwhile, good luck to everyone participating in the STAR testing tomorrow. It is my sincere hope that Alta Loma shoots well past the already lofty goal of 790.

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